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Looking to Study in Canada, then explore your dream through Newedge having experts provides you the best guidance and support for pursuing quality education in Canada. Provides you valuable information for studying abroad in the Canada including courses, costs, tuition fees, scholarships, visa information and many more. Our Canada study abroad programs provide opportunities to pursue elective and major studies, part time and full time internships.

Canada is well renowned for its beauty, multiculturalism, hospitality and more recently for its high quality of education. According to CEC, Canada; the country spends more on education (as percentage of GDP) than most other developed nations and is also rated second highest for its spend amongst G-8 countries. Canada is also rated as one of the safest countries in the world thus offering students a carefree and beautiful environment to pursue their dreams. QS World rankings consistently mention top Canadian universities in its top 100 list.

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  • Quality of Education

    Degrees and professional credentials offered by the Canadian universities are universally accepted. It is estimated that approximately 200,000 or more international students work towards their credentials at Canadian universities every year. Several universities offer courses that include co-op term, encouraging students to gain real time experience in their preferred industries.

    Canada’s top 15 research universities also referred to as ‘U15’, are responsible for developing - 80% of all Canadian Patents, have conducted research amounting to $8.5 billion and are also home to almost 47% of the university students.

  • Financial Matters and Career Prospects

    Despite the reputation for high quality of education imparted, Tuition fees, in Canada is considerably low compared to its neighbour. With abundant availability of natural resources and emergence of Aviation, IT, Communications, Manufacturing and other industries, Canada as a destination offers one of the brightest prospects for students to achieve a successful and fulfilling career.

    Canada has a very tolerant policy of immigration and welcomes students from around the world to apply for PR on successful completion of their studies thus providing students with equal chance to gain their dream employment.

  • Enrolment / Intakes

    The major intake for Canada is primarily the 'Fall Intake' during September of every year. Some universities also commence courses during winter and offer intake during the month of January. Students should begin their preparations at least six months prior to the commencement of course