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The Pearson Language Tests are a group of tests used to evaluate and certify the skill and fluency of non-native English speakers in the English language. Each test is named as a variant of Pearson Test of English (PTE) vis a vis PTE Academic, PTE General and PTE Young Learners. What puts PTE apart from other major language tests is that it is completely evaluated by a computer and not a human grader. As such, the test scores can be accessed within 5 days.

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The PTE Academic is designed to test the language skills of individuals who wish to enroll themselves in universities for higher education. PTE Academic scores are accepted by almost all major universities and business schools across the world. The test focuses on real life situations faced at the university level and employs a variety of English accents in order to better prepare the student for a university education and the culture diverse worlds enclosed within it.

The test has 3 sections: Speaking and Writing, Reading and Listening. The total duration of the test is 3 hours. A ten minute recess is allowed after completing the first two sections. PTE Academic is scored on a scale of 10 – 90.

PTE Academic scores are accepted for emigration to the UK and Australia.


  • Duration: 77 – 93 minutes.
  • Contains 2 speaking sections followed by the writing section.
  • The 1st Speaking Section is Personal Introduction. This is not a part of the evaluation process but is sent to the universities applied to by the test taker so that they have an idea about the student. This part also acts a biometric voice and identity verification mechanism.
  • Speaking Section 2 contains a wide variety of tasks where the test taker should first listen to an audio clip and then respond into the microphone. The tasks are as follows :
    1. A text appears on the screen. It should be read aloud (Response time depends on the length of the test).
    2. Repeat a sentence after hearing its recording (15 seconds).
    3. Describe an image that appears on the screen, in detail (40 seconds).
    4. Either listen to or watch a lecture and re-tell it in your own words (40 seconds).
    5. Listen to a question and answer it in either a single word or a few words (10 seconds).
  • The Writing Section is divided into 2 tasks.
    1. Read a small passage and summarize it in one sentence (10 minutes).
    2. Write an essay on the given topic (20 minutes).


  • Duration: 32 – 41 minutes.
  • Here’s an overview of the Reading section’s subtasks:
    1. Read a text and answer the multiple choice question by selecting a single option.
    2. Read a text and answer the multiple choice question by selecting multiple options.
    3. Re-order a series of jumbled sentences in the correct order.
    4. Fill the blanks in the given text with the options provided. This part has more options than the blank spaces provided. So, all the options will not be used.
    5. Fill the blanks in the give text by choosing the options from a drop down menu.
----10 minute recess----


  • Duration: 45 – 57 minutes.
  • This section contains either audio or video clips which should be listened to carefully as there is no playback option. Here’s an overview of the question types:
    1. Listen to a recording and summarize it in 50-70 words.
    2. Listen to a recording and choose the correct answer from multiple options. More than one response should be selected depending on the question.
    3. Listen to a recording and fill the gaps in its transcript with the correct words.
    4. Listen to a recording and select the paragraph that best summarizes the recording.
    5. Listen to a recording and choose the correct answer from multiple options. Only one option is correct.
    6. Listen to a recording and from the given options, choose the missing word that best completes the recording.
    7. A transcript of a recording is displayed on the screen. Listen to the recording and select the words that are incorrectly displayed in the transcript.
    8. Listen to the recording and write down the sentence as it is.


The PTE General test is more of a proficiency test than an assessment test. It consists of 6 levels and each of these levels tests the individual’s proficiency in the 4 aspects of reading, listening, speaking and writing.

The test takers are awarded certificates upon completion of each level and these certificates reflect the individual’s proficiency while communicating in the English language. All the tests are scenario-based i.e. they contain everyday real-world situations faced everyday such as writing messages, understanding newspaper articles and participating in conversations.

The PTE General test comprises of two sections: a written paper and a spoken test. The written paper tests the individual’s listening, reading comprehension and writing skills.

The proficiency levels are as follows:
  • Foundation (A1) level A1
  • Elementary (A2) level 1
  • Intermediate (B1) level 2
  • Upper Intermediate (B2) level 3
  • Advance (C1) level 4
  • Proficient (C2) level 5


This test is focused on young children in the age group of 7 – 12 who are learning English as a foreign language. The test has 4 proficiency levels and is designed to be fun and motivating.

The four levels of proficiency are: First Words, Springboard, Quickmarch and Breakthrough.