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The first step towards obtaining a truly global career is to choose the right Country, University and most importantly the Program.


We at New Edge, make sure that any student who comes to us has the edge in language proficiency and quantitative skills.

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Welcome to Newedgecs

This brings a new thought to think about how seamless education is...! Crossing borders, education has taken a new dimension in the last two decades, where inevitably every individual aims to reach their highest study overseas and work abroad. New Edge Consultancy Services, headquartered in Sydney, AU has been established in the year 2006. Today it is one of the most reliable and professional consultancies who is committed to cater high levels of support and advice on abroad education.

Why Choose Us


It is an inevitable fact that our strength is our team. We are an employee focused company and we drive our team towards excellence. Our team comprises of experienced professionals who are versatile in their own field, who bring in confidence to the company to support our clients with the best services.


Our realistic approach to address client's needs and demands is the commitment we have with the Institutions which made us well reputable education agent. Experienced counselors help students to understand the entire processes by giving them in-depth information so that students can make proper decision.


Success comes to New Edge when we see our clients achieve their goals. We define success as a tool for satisfaction which may be achieved by us, by our client or by our candidate. Because this achievement brings joy, audacity and belief for a long term relationship with New Edge, which is our ultimate goal.